Thursday, February 2, 2012


Are you craving more from me? Follow, love me, fuck me, do me, eat yoghurt.



Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello all!

Welcome to my new amazing and soon to be insainly popular blog. This blog is dedicated to the most WONDERFUL substance on the face of the earth (not carrots....), YOGHURT! Yoghurt is sensationally orgasmic and makes your mouth hard and slimy.

I just want to inform you on a few things:

- I am not letting Anonymous commenters comment. I do not believe in it. Grow balls and say it to my fucking face bitches.
- I allow curse words, and I am a fan of them. Do not be offended if you see them on here. If you're offended then well, fuck off.
- I am not hiring writers as of now, but may possibly be. You'll be notified if I am.
- Have fun reading my thoughtful posts, on here I really am going to put thought into my posts unlike the ones I have done in the past.

You may be thinking, what the fuck is this blog about? This blog is on me tasting diffirent brands of yoghurt and telling you about my thoughts, how they relate to Stardoll, and who the yoghurt reminds me of on Stardoll. With the post, I'll obviously post a picture of the yoghurt in real life.

May I also thank Nika, (Princess_Kiara1) for making the AMAZING banner of me sitting in yoghurt. I look like a babe with my Victoria Secret yoga pants and slutty sweater with my pink sequin UGGs on.

Enjoy all of my glory, and take into account that I am gay....I don't take kindly to homophobs.


Should I add a music list to this blog?